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  • Data Associate

    5 Star Film Locations, Inc.
    Job Description
    We welcome you to an opportunity to work with us in establishing a new stage of 5 Star Film Locations, Inc. Your responsibilities as a “Data Entry Associate” will be listed below this paragraph. We at 5 Star Film Locations are in the process of establishing a database and detail-oriented website with very specific search parameters. 

    A film location agency is the middle man between the production company and the owner. We are contacted by producers, directors, location managers, and event planners to provide them locations for their shoot or event. We currently represent over 5000 properties. All the properties are going to be transferred to the new website. Each property that gets listed has a property registration form and pictures. 

    Primary Responsibility:

    You will be provided limited access to the back-end of the website we are creating. You will proceed to enter data as required and to be detailed and as discerning as possible.

    Each property will contain detailed pictures of the entire location. We represent both commercial and residential properties. You can check out our current website for all the different categories we have listed. 

    The associate will have to look through each picture and categorize them in specific folders like exteriors, front, living room, bedroom, bathroom, backyard, etc.

    Once the pictures are organized in the appropriate folders, the features will have to be checked off on the property registration form. For example, the bedroom has carpeted floors, the kitchen has granite countertop, the bathroom has a fireplace, the backyard has a pool, the living room has light hardwood floors, etc.  Then the property categories will also have to be marked off such as:  mansion, contemporary, modern, English Tudor, office, warehouse; etc.

    Then the file will be ready and handed over to our gal who will input all the contact information of the property, the features and categories into our back end.

    We don't have a specific deadline for this project as this could take few months until it is completed. 

    Pay rate will depend on experience. A work day will consists of 8 Hours. A work week will consist of 5 days. Any additional time worked, the additional pay will be calculated and disbursed accordingly.  If associate also wishes to work over the weekend, that is also an option.  This position is an independent contractor and will be 1099.

    There will also be bonuses bi-weekly based on associate’s progress. 

    There is also potential to be promoted to a salesperson's position with commission pay and also becoming a site representative on-set every time a shoot is booked. 
    Please send all resumes to amy@5starfilmlocations.com 

    Contact Information