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  • Cook (Hourly/Non-Exempt)

    Whittier Area First Day Coalition
    Job Description
    Job Title:  Cook (Hourly/Non-Exempt)
    Program:  Recovery from Homelessness Program
    Reports to:  Shelter Manager



    Under the direction of the Shelter Manager and Bridge Housing Program Manager, the Cook performs a variety of highly responsible food preparation work related to the Recovery from Homelessness Program (RFHP).  The Cook manages the daily preparation of meals for the RFHP including preparing, cooking, and packaging food while ensuring sanitary and safety standards are followed at all times.  The position requires a considerable degree of initiative and mature judgment.  The ideal candidate must possess an acceptable level of experience necessary to interact with management, staff and program participants


    • Manages the preparation and production of three daily meals for approximately 50 program participants and guests on a daily basis;
    • Ensures that the service facility and equipment are kept in a neat, clean, safe and sanitary condition;
    • Responsible for ordering items from the Shelter Manager that are necessary for menu preparation one week prior to delivery;
    • Works with the Shelter Manager to adjust meal preparation in order to avoid overages and/or shortages;
    • Monitors food item inventory and assists with controlling waste;
    • Provides basic culinary training to residents in food preparation and cooking;
    • Reports repair and maintenance needs to Shelter Manager and Bridge Housing Program Manager in a timely fashion;
    • Complies with all established kitchen and workplace safety guidelines as set by CalOSHA, ServeSafe, HACCP and other entities;
    • Performs other duties as assigned by the Shelter Manager, Bridge Housing Program Manager
          and Executive Director.



    • At least two (2) years experience in a cafeteria, restaurant, hospital, school or other food service establishment where batch cooking is performed.
    • Must obtain ServSafe Certification within 3 months of hire.
    • Knowledge of safe food handling and proper sanitation practices.
    • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
    • Demonstrate good judgment; communicate effectively both orally and in writing; and, must be able to maintain reliable and regular attendance.
    • Must be able to maintain basic recordkeeping and understand and carry out oral and written directions.
    • Oral and written proficiency in English and Spanish is highly desired.
    • Ability to lift and carry up to 50 lbs., at least a distance of 10 feet.

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