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  • SBA All Small Mentor-Protege Program

    SBA All Small Mentor-Protege Program

    You have the perfect product or service to sell to government - but have heard that the government procurement process is a nightmare. The SBA Small Mentor-Protege Program may be your solution.

    The Mentor-Protege Program encourages joint ventures between businesses with government procurement experience and small businesses. With this joint venture, both parties can qualify for the small business setasides designated by the government. The small business gets help from the experienced business in the details of getting a government contract and fulfilling it. The experienced business has a better chance in getting the contract because of the mentor-protege status.

    To do this, the mentor and the protege must find each other and decide to work together. Then, you complete an application with the SBA, and if approved, you complete an annual report. The relationship must last at least 3 years.

    Here are links to get you get started:

    Please note that in prior years, this program was only available to disadvantaged businesses. This is no longer the case. It is open to ALL small businesses.