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  • The Makings of a Great Ad

    The Makings of a Great Ad

    It's so important to continually keep your business' name and services in front of your customers, but it's also important to attract the right kind of attention,  project a positive image, and clearly communicate your message.  Here are some tips on how to make your print advertisements work for you:

    1) THE MESSAGE:  Before designing anything, you need to clarify the message you want to communicate.  Keep it simple, clear and positive.  Use enough words to really get the message across but don't overwhelm the ad (or your reader) with TOO much text.
    2) THE GRAPHICS:  Choose graphics that are high quality images and that help communicate your message.  Make sure your logo is clean and legible.  Choose colors that match your business (darker colors to promote elegance/seriousness, brighter colors to promote fun/frivolity).
    3) THE CALL-TO-ACTION:  Once you've communicated what your business can do for prospective clients, you'll want to tell them what the next step is in expressing their interest: "Call Now," "Log In," "Follow Us"--and make sure your contact information (phone, address, website) clearly appears in the ad.  Including email addresses is not recommended or you may see an increase in spam in your inbox.
    4) THE R.O.I.:  If readers respond to your ad, how will you know?  Try to incorporate some way that you can measure the effectiveness of the ad, e.g., a coupon or special offer, or list the URL of a unique page of your website in only that ad.  This way you can gauge the number of people who responded to your ad and use that information to refine your future ads.